Brad’s Deals

I worked with Brad’s Deals to streamline the workflow that powers their uber-popular deals sites.

Brad's Deals Black Friday ad screen

A new way to work

Brad’s Deals is a leading curated discount and coupon website, and when they came to Hashrocket for a redesign, they were working with an outdated admin system that involved many pain points. The editorial team needed an upgrade from their current spreadsheet workflow to a full-featured content management system.

Brad's Deals wireframes

Discovery and consultation

Working onsite in the Brad’s Deals office, I met with editorial teams for an initial discovery phase to plan the new design. They needed a system that allowed them to work asynchronously, alerting them to any changes another editor might be making, and their data input requirements needed to be condensed and conveyed at a glance.

Starting from the natural point of entry, I live-wireframed with the team to build the bones of a simplified, tabular layout with clear actions and inline toggle edit fields. Rather than uploading spreadsheets, the editors could now quickly add coupons, ads, and deals via a streamlined web interface.

For the Black Friday team, ad intake and management was a big concern. They needed an easier way to import printed flyers to translate to online content, with the ability to select products on a page and provide additional information about each item. My solution was a drag-and-drop interface with a corresponding data entry sidebar, which felt like the online equivalent of clipping coupons, and was a natural interaction for the staff members who used it.

Brad's Deals final screens

A robust experience

I worked in tandem with Hashrocket developers to implement and deliver the updated interface, which immediately increased productivity for the Brad’s Deals team. (Really, who wouldn’t be happy to get away from spreadsheets?)

The Black Friday component was also a success, resulting in swifter imports thanks to clear controls and interactions.

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