Ember Weekend

I worked with Ember Weekend to create a snappy, responsive homebase for their podcast.

Ember Weekend

Open source with heart

My fellow Hashrocket coworkers, Jon Jackson and Chase McCarthy, wanted to share their findings about Ember every weekend, and thus the Ember Weekend podcast was born. They asked for my help in branding the podcast, along with creating a mobile-friendly layout driven by (what else?) Ember.js.

We wanted the site to function as a single-page app with a constant audio player in the footer. The design needed to translate seamlessly for mobile devices, since the site would serve as the main listening destination for most users, and include show notes with quick access to each portion of the show.

A mobile-friendly player for all

I took a mobile-first approach and extended the layout to accommodate all screen sizes. Working iteratively, we added a play bar, guest segment layout, and blog design. It’s been great to collaborate on a project that’s actively used by the Ember community.

I helped EvoLux modernize their look and feel, reach mobile users, and demystify the helicopter booking process.

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