Cross-platform product design for EvoLux

I led the redesign and front end development of EvoLux’s helicopter booking service for desktop and mobile users

EvoLux SkyShare feature

Quick MVP turnaround

The luxury helicopter booking service EvoLux wanted to beat competitors to the App Store and Google Play, and turned to Hashrocket for an overhaul of their existing system.

I was responsible for product design and front end development and worked alongside Hashrocket engineers to create a consistent cross-platform experience.

Under heavy time constraints, I developed personas for passengers and operators; lo-fi wireframes; hi-fi mockups; and finally responsive front end development, which was translated for mobile apps via Cordova.

EvoLux on mobile
EvoLux on tablet

Incorporating visual, UI, and UX design

I also refreshed the visual design of EvoLux, including the passenger workflow and operator portal, and created appropriate icons and images for the App Store and Google Play.

We had a successful launch that helped EvoLux position themselves at the forefront of this rapidly growing industry.

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