Cross-platform helicopter booking for EvoLux

I worked with EvoLux to reimagine their booking experience for desktop and mobile users

EvoLux SkyShare feature

Shipping a new MVP for multiple platforms

With competitors quickly entering the field of private helicopter reservations, EvoLux wanted to get into the App Store as soon as possible, and turned to Hashrocket for an overhaul of their existing system.

My job as the sole designer was to design and mark up a consistent experience across multiple screen sizes, to be released cross-platform as a Cordova app.

I worked with EvoLux to understand their user personas and typical workflow, which involved a user searching for an available helicopter; deciding whether to book a solo flight or create a ride share; and, finally, having their reservation confirmed by the flight operator.

In the EvoLux system, which acts as a middleman, the actual flight operator is a third party, which meant my approach needed to account for pending states and ultimate confirmation from the flight operator. This led us through a variety of interesting edge cases during the discovery phase.

EvoLux on mobile
EvoLux on tablet

Connecting the dots

In addition to the passenger portal, I created a dashboard for the helicopter operator from which they could manage their fleet, missions, and invoicing.

By the end of our engagement, I had visually refreshed EvoLux’s look and feel and created a new booking and admin interface for each user type. Today, EvoLux reaches a greater number of customers who can now book flights from any device.

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