I helped EvoLux modernize their look and feel, reach mobile users, and demystify the helicopter booking process.


A unique service with unique needs

Did you know you can reserve a helicopter right now? (Well, it depends on where you live and where you’re going, but just imagine.) You can request a chopper for yourself, or share the cost with others—it’s an affordable introduction to an industry most of us don’t even know about. That’s the premise of EvoLux, a luxury transportation startup that had a production app in need of a design refresh. I worked on revitalizing the design, making the app responsive across desktop and mobile devices, and bringing front end code up to date.

EvoLux wireframe

Strategy and consultation

Several things stood out at the beginning of our redesign: we needed to educate new users without alienating them, and we needed to craft an experience that felt much like booking an airline flight. With that in mind, we combed over the existing process to see how we could improve the user experience.

The previous layout displayed a lot of information at once, and I wanted to take a more linear, step-by-step approach. I broke down the reservation process into separate screens and grouped booking details contextually. An ever-present sidebar held relevant information, such as flight provider and number of passengers, without overwhelming the user.

Shared flights became a destination with an engaging location photo and clear call to action, prompting would-be fliers to hurry and join (or watch the progress) before time ran out. Communication via a simple message board is easy to find and gives passengers a way to communicate with each other before the flight.

EvoLux final screens

The final product

By the end of the engagement, we transformed EvoLux from a one-dimensional app into a fully responsive, cross-platform application that’s fast and fun to use. If you want to book a helicopter, you know where to go.

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