How might we make helicopter booking easy and accessible?

EvoLux SkyShare feature

The problem

Helicopter trips have some key differences from airplane trips: pilot confirmation is required before a reservation is complete, and you can share a trip with others to reduce the cost. On the pilot side, there are many legal and financial hurdles to offering flights.

The solution

Create a booking experience that draws on familiar aspects of airline booking, and a flight management tool for pilots to manage their fleet and fill seats.

My role

  • UX research and persona creation
  • Workflow and information architecture
  • UI and visual design
  • Front end development

Solving problems for pilots and passengers

Helicopter flights are notoriously pricey and hard to come by. EvoLux is out to change that with more affordable flights and simplified booking in an effort to match available pilots with passengers who need to get home, get to an event, or simply enjoy a novel experience.

I created personas based on EvoLux’s passengers and flight operators to inform workflows that guided both users through the process of either booking a flight, or adding helicopters available for flights.

EvoLux on mobile
EvoLux on tablet

End-to-end design

I was responsible for both interface and visual design of the passenger workflow and operator portal, and created appropriate icons and images for the App Store and Google Play.

EvoLux launched successfully to position themselves at the forefront of this rapidly growing industry.

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