Interface design for Innovation Quest

I improved UX for a competition that funds college students’ business ideas

Innovation Quest judge interface

A broken process

During Innovation Quest’s competition season, the nonprofit received an alarming number of incomplete submissions that seemed to indicate something was missing in their application process. I joined the project as lead UI/UX consultant to research and redesign the experience.

Innovation Quest wireframesInnovation Quest judge dashboard

Project goals

  1. Increase submission success rate by removing jargon, identifying requirements, and providing a clear path to applicants
  2. Improve the judges’ experience by clarifying and exposing key submission components and judging criteria
  3. Reduce admin overhead by simplifying the judge invitation process and allowing greater visibility into incoming projects
Innovation Quest judge assignment

At-a-glance submission details

Innovation Quest judge projects

Improving the experience

I worked with the customer and Hashrocket’s engineering team to write user flows that improved the app for our three personas: admins, judges, and applicants. This involved making decisions about how to display large quantities of data without sacrificing usability.

Following user stories, I created wireframes for a first pass of the experience, followed by hi-fi mockups and front end development.

Innovation Quest markup

After iterating on workflows, I created static HTML files and worked directly with Hashrocket engineers to implement and test the portal.

We launched well ahead of time for the judging season, and the refresh was a welcome change for the applicants, judges, and admins.

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