Interfaces for Innovation Quest

Empowering college students and benefactors to create a new generation of entrepreneurs

Innovation Quest judge interface

Improving the experience

Innovation Quest had an inspiring mission to fund the best new business ideas submitted by college students. The problem was, those applications were often incomplete because of an existing interface that didn’t clearly walk applicants through the process to completion. I came onboard as the sole designer to help solve this problem and make it easier for admins, applicants, and judges to get their work done.

Innovation Quest wireframesInnovation Quest judge dashboard

Identifying problems

By honing in on the current process in our initial discovery phase, we were able to identify where users got stuck. Some fields had jargon people didn’t understand. Judges had to reread entire applications because there were no summaries. Walking through the workflow from each user’s perspective, we wrote new stories accompanied by wireframes to outline an easier process.

Innovation Quest judge assignment

At-a-glance details for busy judges

Innovation Quest judge projects

Considering all users

Admins were in the system quite often, inviting judges and monitoring incoming projects. Judges, likewise, had a steady stream of applications to read and a number of factors against which to review them. Applicants had a number of fields they had to fill out. I implemented hierarchy that helped each persona complete their tasks, while simultaneously refreshing the app’s visual design.

Innovation Quest markup

Delivering on time

With stories and wireframes in place, I marked up and styled static views for each step of the process, working in tandem with my back end team to implement the fully functional application portal.

We launched well ahead of time for the 2017 season, making the process faster and easier for students, judges, and administrators.

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