How might we improve the experience for a virtually-judged competition?

Innovation Quest judge interface

The problem

The existing system where college students signed up to compete for funding to build their ideas was not very user-friendly. It didn’t adequately inform users of requirements or submission status, leading to many incomplete entries. Administrators who invited judges found the process complicated. Judges dealt with information overload upon reviewing submissions.

The solution

Create a guided, jargon-free workflow for students that provides status indicators. Clarify and expose key components and criteria for judges. Reduce admin overhead by simplifying the judge invitation process and allowing greater visibility into incoming projects.

My role

  • UX research and user persona creation
  • Workflow and information architecture
  • UI design
  • Front end development
Innovation Quest wireframesInnovation Quest judge dashboard

Tracking user goals

I worked with stakeholders and Hashrocket engineers to create user flows that improved the experience for our three personas: admins, judges, and applicants. This involved making decisions about how to display large quantities of data without sacrificing usability.

Innovation Quest judge assignment

At-a-glance submission details

Innovation Quest judge projects

Prioritizing and synthesizing

What mattered most to each user? I re-architected information based on research and persona development, leading to a streamlined workflow that I delivered via early wireframes, hi-fi mockups, and finally, front end development.

Innovation Quest markup

I worked alongside Hashrocket engineers to implement and test the new portal.

The refresh launched ahead of time for the judging season, and the updated experience was a welcome change for the applicants, judges, and admins.

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