Regions Bank

I helped Regions Bank make their course building software more modern and user–friendly.

Regions Bank course builder

Out with the old

Regions is a premier bank in the Southeast US that provides online training for their staff. However, their course creator software had become bloated and hard to use after years of piecemealing, and the interface was not particularly forgiving—editors had memorized template numbers so they knew where to find certain layouts. That just wasn’t good.

A Regions Bank course builder wireframe

In with the new

I consulted with a team of editors to get a feel for their use cases, pain points, and nice-to-haves. They agreed that the software was difficult, but they’d gotten used to it—although now they were ready to give their brains a break.

We started with the heart of the action: the course editor screen. Here is where instructors needed to be able to build, preview, comment, and publish what were essentially online slideshows. With that in mind, I created a layout that accounted for both an edit and preview mode, with a toolbar for editing, sidebar for navigation, and comment panel for team members’ feedback.

The staff guided me as to which features they used most and what had been difficult to find, and I addressed their concerns by exposing specific data and making primary actions far more visible. You won’t get lost looking for an acceptance button!

Regions Bank course builder final screens

Training the team

Following the design and implementation of the course builder, I led an intensive hands-on workshop at Regions Bank headquarters to guide the editors in how best to design their slides. Over the course of a day, I led the staff through interactive projects to teach them about color theory and typography, hierarchy and repetition, and we got to revisit grade school by cutting up magazines and using glue sticks, paint chips, and tape.

Did you know I’m also an illustrator? (Well, now you know.)

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