Improving employee training for Regions Bank

I helped Regions Bank make their course building software more modern and user–friendly

Regions Bank course builder

Moving from “this is painful” to “this is fun”

Regions Bank trained employees through its online hub of custom courses, which lived in unreliable legacy software that content editors were constantly battling. The in-house dev team turned to Hashrocket to help reimagine the course creation process, and I served as the sole designer.

I started by talking with the editorial team, whose genuine desire to help others was hampered by the limitations of their software. We went over pain points, nice-to-haves, and typical workflows while capturing requirements and live-wireframing.

I limited the (previously endless) style choices to a finite number of preset options to cut down on decision fatigue, and modeled the new interface after slideshow creation, based on conversations with the editors.

Regions Bank wireframes
Regions Bank course preview
Regions Bank course preview

Agile improvements

I delivered hi-fi mockups and HTML prototypes of a drag-and-drop courseware builder, implemented by Hashrocket developers, that gave Regions editors the power to build their courses with ready-made elements.

We worked iteratively to compose a solid foundation on which the bank’s in-house team could continue to build, and later, I had the pleasure of returning to lead a custom design workshop I created specifically for the editors.