Improving employee training for Regions Bank

I helped Regions Bank make their course building software more modern and user–friendly

Regions Bank course builder

In-depth onsite research

My team and I began a deep dive by conducting onsite interviews in Birmingham, AL, with the Regions Bank editorial team who used the legacy software on a daily basis. They needed an easier way to create onboarding material. Decision fatigue was a daily reality.

We got together with the stakeholders in a big room, hooked up our computers to projectors, and I live-wireframed while my project manager wrote user stories and the engineering pair gave technical guidance. This helped us nail down MVP requirements on all sides.

Regions Bank wireframes
Regions Bank course preview
Regions Bank course preview

Agile improvements

Coming out of the initial wireframing session, our idea was to make a slideshow-like builder. Total creative control was likely to bring us back to the original issue of having too many choices, so we went with a set number of themes that gave editors some, but not too much, flexibility (again, based on our user research).

The final product was a drag-and-drop courseware builder that, after initial development, was handed off to the bank’s in-house dev team (a goal from the beginning). Later, I got to return and lead a custom design workshop I created specifically for the editorial staff.