How might users create flexible custom content on the web?

Regions Bank course builder

The problem

Existing software had ballooned to unmanageable levels in order to provide users with extensive creative control. Unfortunately, users ended up spending most of their time searching for specific components and fighting the system instead of creating content.

The solution

Streamline the editor interface and create user-friendly themes, while still allowing customization for certain components.

My role

  • UX research and user persona creation
  • Workflow and information architecture
  • UI design
  • Front end development

In-depth onsite research

I conducted onsite interviews with the Regions Bank editorial team who used the legacy software on a daily basis. They needed an easier way to create material. Combing through dozens of pages of choices was a daily reality.

Together with stakeholders, I made live wireframes while our project manager wrote user stories, and the engineering pair gave technical guidance. This accelerated the process of collecting MVP requirements.

Regions Bank wireframes
Regions Bank course preview
Regions Bank course preview

Iterative improvements

I wanted to treat our new solution as a flexible slideshow builder, giving users creative control without going overboard.

The final product was a drag-and-drop courseware builder that we successfully handed off to the bank’s in-house engineering team. I had the pleasure of returning to lead a custom design workshop I created for the editorial staff.

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