Transparent and accessible org charts

I helped Transparentrees launch their MVP to crowdsource company and employee info

Insider info on companies and employees

Transparentrees was born from the idea that if people are incentivized to provide honest, helpful feedback about their workplace, we can build transparency around what happens at the office. They knew they’d be competing with the likes of LinkedIn and Glassdoor and needed to figure out what could set them apart. They came to Hashrocket for UI design and development and I joined as lead designer.

Transparentrees company profile

Starting from scratch

The main challenge Transparentrees faced was how to convert visitors into contributors, because, after all, the site needed crowdsourced data to flesh out its content. The plan was to gamify by awarding points based on activity and feedback, and my objective was to build a rewarding and easy-to-use interface.

We started by populating data for a number of impactful companies to attract the most attention at launch. I designed org charts that tied to profile pages, where people were encouraged to add information for points within the system.

Transparentrees wireframe to mockup

Solving hard problems

We worked through a number of head-scratchers, like reward systems, voting, data integrity, and legal issues, to name a few. The MVP was released to test assumptions and gather feedback, and Transparentrees is still growing today.

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